I’ve had the privilege to workout with Jen in both solo and partner sessions and am not sure which I like more. Solo sessions have been a great way to target my very specific needs and goals and while our partner sessions can seem more social, I always leave them exhausted and invigorated in the best sorts of ways.

Jen’s been great in not only helping me to define my fitness (and lifestyle in general) goals, but also in helping me to articulate the steps I need to take to achieve them. I think a huge part of this ability comes from her vast knowledge as a fitness expert and as another mom of two young daughters. A huge perk of this knowledge is that Jen is able to do things like create a no equipment workout that can be done in a hotel room over Thanksgiving vacation while avoiding your children and husband’s extended family. Beyond helping me find ways and times to workout, I appreciate the quality of my workouts with Jen, especially in terms of providing challenging exercises for me to do that take in account a prior knee injury.

– Carolyn


I’m a mother of two (1 1/2 and 3 years old). I went to Jen after much frustration trying to get rid of my mommy tummy (diastasis recti). I tried yoga, running, and personal trainers with pilates. I felt good after each workout, but was annoyed that my stomach wasn’t improving. With Jen, I quickly noticed a difference, and cannot even put a finger in my diastasis. With the pelvic core ball, time with Jen, and running I was able to get back to where I was before. I feel so strong now in my stomach, caring for my kids and wrestling on the floor with them has improved. So thankful for the progress since not only was my body not back to normal, but also my confidence. Thank you Jen!


So I am only running if someone is chasing me, and carrying groceries always seemed like a workout to me, but when my mid-life post partum body started weakening, I needed help. Since I spoke shamelessly about the issues I was having, YGG!F Pelvicore class came to light. I hadn’t been in an “exercise class” since shoulder pads were in style, but with Jen I found a structured class that dealt directly and immediately with the things I wanted to address. The bonus was a great overall workout. She is extremely knowledgeable and encouraging. She got me interested in taking charge and taking care of myself. The YGG!F Pelvicore class is a great blend of bodies & capabilities, with a certain team spirit, even with ladies that were first day in. I suppose that’s to Jen’s credit. I took the YGG!F Pelvicore class on Friday mornings. I hear she is adding more…fingers crossed (not legs anymore!). The Sweetpeas Studio is an inviting and soothing space. I swear walking in there offers immediate serenity. Bottom line- every gyno and girlfriend should be able to inform their patients & friends about a women’s health class like this, and if they are lucky- they’ll get in Jen’s!

-Kim F.

Jennifer and I have mutual clients and so I have seen her positive impact on women from a week to week basis. As Jennifer trains with them, they not only become more fit and healthier, but they also gain confidence. She is warm and enthusiastic–just the sort of cheerleader our mutual clients need to gain optimal health.


I have been training with Jen Dixon since September of 2005, we started working together a few months after the birth of my son. I had put on a good deal of weight before I even became pregnant due to stress at work and overall unhealthy eating habits, and after the pregnancy was very daunted by the prospect of trying to lose the 60 I had set as my goal to bring me back to a healthy post-partum weight. Jen and I set down at the outset of my training and talked not only about goals, but about personal and family health histories and overall lifestyle elements that could affect weight and physical health. With Jen’s guidance on matters including exercise routines and healthy eating I not only made it to my goal weight, but have been about to keep the 65 pounds that I lost off for more than 2 years.

My work with Jen has had a huge impact on my life – I look so much better, have more energy to keep up with my little toddler, and feel years younger. Most importantly, however, I feel that I have reversed some of the damaging effects my extra weight was causing my body. As someone with a family history of cardiac problems, type 2 diabetes and cancer, it is this result with which I am most pleased! Jen has helped me understand how to care for my body – physically with exercise and internally with better eating and stress management. She is always supportive and her advice is always rooted in the real world. After over two years, I consider Jen a friend and look forward to our sessions as a chance to recharge and relate to another mom trying to do her best for herself and her family. I have never considered myself an “athletic” or “gym-rat” type of person, and so I know that the thought of starting a health/weight loss program can be scary. Having said that, I would encourage anyone considering asking for professional help in their quest to be more healthy to go ahead and take the plunge. It has been hugely rewarding and I can’t think of a better trainer to work with on such an important project than Jen Dixon!


After giving birth to my first baby, I knew I wanted to work with a trainer and I reached out to Jen after reading many rave reviews on Yelp. Immediately I knew that Jen really cared about me and wanted to help me achieve my goals.  I ended up training with Jen for 8 months and was able not only to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight but was also able to develop real strength in my core, upper, and lower body.  My favorite thing about working with Jen is that the focus is not at all on weight loss, but on how to build a healthy lifestyle.  Everything I learned is sustainable and today I am proud to say I feel better than ever and I am now 20 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight.  After my sessions ended with Jen I was able to continue using the tools and the workout plans she gave me.  I hope Jen knows what a difference she has made in my life and I hope to work with her again in the future!