The “Bottom” Line: YGG!F Pelvicore® Foundations Workshop

Well, the “bottom” line on this one is: dysfunction of the pelvic floor can happen to “Healthy Babes. Any Age. Any Stage.”™ Be it a young female athlete, a new mom, a recreational athlete, or a grandmother – life happens and somewhere in there stress incontinence may cause one to experience embarassment (in the least) to pain (at the worst). The point YGG!F® wants to “stress” is that while this may be common – it most certainly is NOT normal!

Understanding the synergistic relationship between our abdominal muscles and pelvic floor is a first step in addressing (be it prevention or intervention) the problem. Remember: You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge – and if nothing changes…nothing changes.

This past summer, I had the privelege of attending several workshops and seminars taught by Christina M. Christie, PT, CCE, FAFS, FMR and President of Pelvic Solutions, LLC., using the PelvicorePro® ball. The evolution of training the Pelvic Core Neuromuscular System (PCNS) functionally throught 3-Dimensional movement in which function can be both improved and restored taps right into my “geek factor”. Just last week, I had further opportunity to experience several exercise program approaches using the Pelvicore® with two distinct populations – women ranging in age from early 30s-60s and a co-ed Senior Chair Fitness class (yes – pelvic floor dysfunction does not discriminate!).

Not sure if you’re experiencing Pelvic Core Dysfunction? Here are some simple questions to help you determine if you are:

  • Do you urinate more than 4x’s during the day?
  • Do you get up at night to go to the bathroom? If yes, how many times?
  • Do you ever have accidental leakage of urine during activities such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, running, exercising, or lifting?
  • Do you do a lot of “just in case” toileting? (this is a particularly interesting question is you are potty-training girls!)
  • Do you have trouble controlling gas?
  • Have you ever lost bowel control?
  • If you are sexually active, do you have pain during or after intercourse?
  • Do You have pain before, during, or after urination or bowel movements?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above questions, you may be experiencing dysfunction of the pelvic core. While I could go on, I’d much rather you come learn and experience for yourself! In 2015, You Grow Girl! Fitness® will begin offering a series of Pelvicore® based workshops and classes for “Heatlhy Babes. Any Age. Any Stage.™”. For our first workshop, YGG!F® is pleased to partner with Christina M Christie, PT, CCE, FAFS, FMR, in offering a workshop and class for pregnant and post-partum women.

  • What? “YGG!F® Pelvicore® Foundations
  • When? Saturday, February 7, 2015
  • What Time? 9am to 12pm.
  • Where? Meredy Parker/Physical Therapy & Sweet Pea Studio – 3717 N. Ravenswood, Chicago
  • How much? $50 (includes class using the PelvicorePro®)

Contact Jen Dixon at: for more information or to Register!