Growing Pains: Fitting F.I.T.T. In

It’s that time of year again when we’re trying to “Fall Back Into Fitness” and figure out when and where we’re going to get our “fit on” and, if you have children, trying to coordinate school around their many extra-curricular activities…

As grown-ups, it can be quite the challenge trying to figure our new fall schedules and how we will balance work-life responsibilities. New travel schedules, new meetings, boredom of previous activities, inclimate weather as the seasons change – I could go on and on about the various barriers I hear when working with clients on trying to figure out how they are “Fitting F.I.T.T. In”. I actually consider knocking down those barriers and inspiring folks to begin planning and preparing for how participation in a regular exercise program is going to happen to be one of the best parts my job.

So this fall, YGG!FĀ® will be hosting 2 workshops covering this very topic! I will be sending out communication regarding the dates and times so if you think I don’t already have your e-mail, contact me to make sure I add you to the list!

Then, when you add children to the mix, you realize the above challenges are not the only ones you face. As a parent, it can be hard not only to figure out your child’s extra-curricular schedule, it can also be hard to let some things go. In my house, we are struggling with lack of interest, the parental notion of “not appreciating your talents/abilities”, desires to try something new, conflicting/competing schedules, etc.

Knowing when to “make” your child stay with an activity or when it is time to say ok, we’re done, is hard. What is the balance between keeping commitments/staying the course and sucking the love out of an activity because the interest/passion has waned? It’s times like this I often ask my “mommy and daddy” because I feel like I got to do what I love, satisfy my curiosity about others activities, and definitely was “made” to stay with others over the course of my younger years.

As an adult, I can easily list those things I wish my parents had made me keep doing and those to which they heard me say, “I don’t want to do this anymore” and it was done. Well, I put a call in to my mommy, and she said, “Oh gosh, I don’t know. We had four kids ya’know (I did/do…). I guess we felt like playing a sport got you exercise, and that was important. Then, grandma was a piano teacher and I had to take lessons and I think we believed that playing an instrument created a greater appreciation for music.” When I asked her why I or my siblings were allowed to stop, the answers were less clear with musings on new rules (no friends could be on the same team at one point) or we didn’t feel we could compete at the level of making a team. With a 9 year age different between my oldest brother and my younger sister, I think they just got tired… šŸ˜‰