YGG!F Back in Action

As some of you may know, I ceased operations for YGG!F® for a little over a year – returning to the 9-to-5 grind – and in that time, garnered a renewed respect and appreciation for the challenges of balancing work and life. However, it was those very challenges that made me realize that I cannot ever be that far away from fitness – personally or professionally – so I here I am, back at it again!

I did take a bit of time for myself before officially resuming normal operations so I could figure out what it would take the deconditioned and non-pain-free version of myself to return to a “Healthy Babe. Any Age. Any Stage.”™ Still, not everyone has that choice and I know that one needs to make “Fit Happen” no matter the job, stage of life, etc. Basically, YGG!F® needs to continue to provide training, education, and opportunities for our clientele to minimize the “yeah, but’s” with “so what’s”. All of which may make you then ask, “So now what?”

The answer(s) to that will be a primary focus of the YGG!F® Blog which will feature shared ideas and experiences of a variety gal-pals of mine! I’m posting this first blog from Estes Park, CO where I am co-coaching a Healthy Active Living Trip with Kathy Kent of 365fitt.

I hope you not only check-in twice a month for my posts, but “share”, “like” and recommend You Grow Girl! Fitness® blog, site, Facebook, and/or Twitter to those for whom you think would benefit from a bit of encouragement, lots of guidance and education, and a circle of influence of “Personal Training Services That Meet You Where Are, Help You Plan Where to Go, and Celebrate Your Arrival!”.