YGG!F® comes full circle!

The “grow” in “You Grow Girl! Fitness® has been an ever-evolving concept. The growing belly of pregnancy, expanding waistline of the “Freshman 15”, mid-30/40 paunch, social-emotional growth, growing children…”Healthy Babes. Any Age. Any Stage.” To me, the circle of dots epitomizes the idea that one must “grow” to come full circle.

For me personally, a life of health & wellness has brought me full-circle amidst many other changes that come with growing up. I have been passionate about fitness since I was at least 12 years old and while my interests in fitness activities have varied, my passion for health and fitness has not. I continue to share that passion with Ron, clients, friends, my parents (mid-70s) and my daughters (almost 8 & 11).

Almost 12 years ago, growth came in the form of many changes: motherhood, and full-time work/parttime fitness to predominately health/fitness/part-time non-profit volunteering. Growth came again in the transition from employee to entrepreneur/business owner with the creation of YGG!F® 7 years ago. Now, almost 12 years later, growth comes again as I look to transition back into full-time work that allows me to use my education and professional experience from two distinct fields of interest.

I have the most heart-felt warmth and gratitude for the amazing clients (mamas, girlfriends, parents, fathers, and more!) that have given me a decade to pursue and share my passion for fitness while being able to meet the “growing demands of motherhood”. I have been truly blessed. It has been both a privilege and honor to have been a part in all that involves such personal experiences of finding love, anticipating motherhood and learning about one’s self at differing stages of life. The hi’s and low’s of infertility, miscarriages, over-coming unhealthy living, discovering “PR’s”, crossing literal and figurative finish lines and milestones. I am in awe just looking back.

The growth has not always been easy and there have been definite “growing pains”. Yet, I know that my life and that of my family is better, richer and healthier for it. It has been a decade of teaching and training almost 169 women (131 who became mothers), ten men, and almost 200 babies! Whew!

With the Healthiest of Regards,

“Jen D.”

I would like to extend immense appreciation and gratitude to:

  • Katrina Wittkamp – for making me look fit and healthy in both color and b/w! www.katrinawittkamp.com
  • Elizabeth and Connie Garino – for “articulating” my vision in print so accurately, beautifully and clearly www.articulationsevents.com
  • Chris Molitor – for providing me a welcoming and amazing space to “meet my clients where they are” when it could not be in their homes! www.bfac.net
  • Steven Vélez Luce – for creating the most fantastic website in the fitness industry and knowing when to say “your site, Jen.”
  • And to Cathy, Jennifer B., Jennifer F., Beth, Jill, Kim, and Dawn for being the most amazing “babes” and friends a girl could have!