Healthy Babes. Any Age. Any Stage.â„¢

You Grow Girl! Fitness® is a personal training business founded by Jen Dixon to meet the “growing” demands of parents and parents-to-be in the Chicago area. At its inception in 2006, YGG!F® aimed to train women who were expecting or already parenting, yet it was not limited to the mom or mother-to-be. YGG!F® has contiued to “grow” over the last 8 years, providing services that focus primarily on women’s health & fitness.

Today, YGG!F® offers services that aim to inspire women of all ages and stages of life to grow through participation in fitness and health-related training and education. Our motto being: “Healthy Babes. Any Age. Any Stage.“™

YGG!F® training and programs empower women by providing opportunities for them to become ambassadors for healthy living not only in their own lives, but those of their families, in their social relationships and within their communities by sharing the “wealth of health” so that all have a chance to become Fit, Strong and Healthy.